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If you are searching for stuffed animals to re-sell, here is your opportunity to buy at 50% OFF Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or below on last year’s retired designs. They are all First Quality and in the original cartons. A wonderful selection of 200+ designs. We have many, many styles, designs, colors, sizes and prices. Look over our selection here or call Toll Free at 1-800-387-7814 and we will be happy to assist you.


If you need gifts for a party (such as a birthday), you may purchase the toys you need by ordering a Case Pack, which is one design or you may order a Variety Pack of many different stuffed animals. Each party-goer will receive a wonderful gift at a very reasonable cost to you. Just order the number of case packs you need, either via the online shopping cart or if you need assistance please call Customer Service Toll Free at 1-800-387-7814 and we will give you our personal attention.


Today’s organizations are always in the need of money and stuffed toys are often used in fund raising in exchange for a donation. Example: When you donate $5 to the ABC Nursery School, you will receive a stuffed toy (cost $1.50 - Net profit $3.50). Selling stuffed toys is another choice. Example: Buy an XYZ Elementary School Bear for $10. (cost $3.00 - Net profit $7.00 to a school project). Almost any stuffed animal may be used as a fund raiser. Look through our seasonal toy selections -- stuffed bunnies can be used near Easter, a Red Teddy Bear at Valentines or at Christmas a stuffed animal dressed in holiday colors.

If you need guidance with the use of stuffed animals as Fund Raisers or want help in getting started, please call us at 1-800-387-7814.


Many businesses and organizations want to purchase 100 or 1,000 pieces to donate to ABC Children’s Home at Christmas time. We can save you substantial money by offering you our stuffed toys below wholesale.

Order online or call us at Toll Free at 1-800-387-7814 and we will be happy to help you.